Kristen Lem


Quirky & Clever.
Writing & Web Design for
brands, publications, and people.

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I have a unique blend of skills in writing and web design which allows me to create exceptionally engaging content for my clients.  Content that people want to look at, click through, and read.  A few favorite brands I’ve worked with include:

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As a writer, I've been "working on my craft" literally ever since I was a child.  It eventually became natural for me to learn the ways of website design so that I had a cool place to showcase my words.  Soon, I started building websites for other people, later supplementing my knowledge with graphic design as I quickly understood the importance of making them highly visual.

Throughout my career, I've worked across a variety of industries and though each client has specific needs, people come to me for my signature style of content that is:

  • Clever

  • Fun

  • Tongue-in-Cheek

  • Kitschy

  • Humorous

I'm known for putting a fun and fresh spin on an idea, brand, or concept.  Whether it's web design or writing, my work is great for fostering a sense of community and getting people to engage with your content - talking to each other and with you.