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Redfin … Uh More Like RAD-fin!

Redfin … Uh More Like RAD-fin!

The Office Perks and Quirks of the Most Innovative Real Estate Company on the Satellite Map

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Around since 2006, Redfin first started “redefining real estate” in Seattle and the Bay Area.  Now, over a decade later they are more than just a household name amongst home buyers and sellers looking for a better, more cost effective way to manage their properties.  Redfin’s vision stems from a customer-first approach where their network of agents receive bonuses based on positive customer feedback, instead of commission on sales.  Working in tandem with real estate “advocates” are the technologists who both founded and currently run the company by creating online tools to make buying and selling a home, not just easy – but well … kinda fun!

It wasn’t long before Redfin outgrew their Bay Area britches and expanded to large cities like Chicago and NYC, as well as smaller but booming neighborhoods like Fresno, CA, which boasts nearly a thousand residences on the market.  A huge part of the organization’s success is that they’ve kept their mission – and customers – at the forefront.  It comes as no shock that happy customers are the result of happy employees.  With Redfin’s upward success, they built upon their modest beginnings in the apartment of founder David Eraker, to eventually engineer an amazing headquarters and culture for their growing team.

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At present, the Redfin staff is comprised of a variety of tech professionals and creatives, in addition to those working in the field.  Though their locations are widespread, the level of pride and joy in the organization is what unites teammates no matter where they are.  Here are just a few of the office perks and quirks that come with working in this innovative environment:

Snacks on Snacks on Snacks

Forget the company vending machine stocked with candy bars and chips … when you get it to work that is.  Not only does Redfin provide snacks on every floor, they have free lunch everyday featuring a variety of healthy choices to fit your dietary needs.  Senior UX/UI Product Designer Chanel Weathers says “having food provided gives me one less thing to worry about during my day.  I recently went gluten-free, and there are always tasty lunch options that accommodate my health needs. Plus it’s a great way to save money!”  And to wash it all down?  There are well-stocked beverage coolers with juice, soda, and craft beer.  Not sold yet?  There’s more…

Their Work is Woke

As part of providing customers information on potential cities to reside in, Redfin put together a list of The 10 Most Popular U.S. Pride Parades as well as an Activist’s Guide to Fostering Pride in Your Community.  In conjunction with these articles, they invited staff to let their rainbow hair down at the Seattle and Nashville LGBT festivities.  The fun continues all year round with monthly activities like summer boat rides, game nights and Ultimate Frisbee.  These are of course all optional but as Customer Marketing Program Manager Lauren Simpson says, “you’re bound to find something you love doing and make lifelong friends while doing. From ping-pong tournaments to chili cook offs – you name it, we’ve done it or we’ll try it!”

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Daily Grind Meets Daily Burn

I’m not sure if anyone at Redfin would call their work a grind, but you will hear quite a few people mention the “Daily Burn.”  At 2:30PM every day for about 10 mins, employees get together in the lounge for a 10 minute “Daily Burn” workout consisting of planks, push-ups, sit-ups, and other quick exercises to keep their blood and creative juices flowing.  It is an office quirk that the employees love and one that CEO Glenn Kelman not only gets a kick out of, but completely encourages as, he describes the ideal Redfin teammate as a “restless, big-brained, truth-teller.”


“Redferno, our annual company event, is officially my third-favorite holiday of the year (after Halloween and Burning Man),” says Agent Training Specialist Fernando Ferrufino – which is really all you need to know about Redfin’s annual conference.  Redferno is a chance for teams from across the country to get together, reflect on the company’s growth, learn about future plans, and honestly kick back and have a good time.   To give you an idea, the 2016 event was held at none other than the happiest place on earth – DISNEYLAND, where every employee was given park hopper tickets with shuttle service between the different parks.  The week-long conference consists of some work and info sessions, but much of it is a celebration of individual and departmental successes.  Ferrufino goes on to call Redferno the “Redfin Superbowl.  Every year the entire company comes together and we all go home winners.”  Don’t take our word for it though – Referno has its own hashtag and one scroll down will tell you: it looks like a raging good time. 🔷

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